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SUNDE Diana2.0icon  

Code : Diana-V
Brand : SUNDE
Model : Diana-V
Price :  4,900.00      
Special :  3,900.00
Brief Description :
SUNDE Diana zero client, complete VDI solution. 3Y
Full Description :


Power consmption: 0.2~5 W
Supported Guest OS: Windows & Linux
Max. users per host: Unlimite (depend on server performance)
Connection methord: Ethernet
USB peripheral support: Yes
Host Hardware Spec:  SSD HDD; Minimum 512Mb per VM
OS for Server: 64bit Windows7, Windows8, Windows2008R2, Windows2012.

Key benefits:

  • Rich Multimedia Display: Diana zero client uses SUNDE-VDI protocol, which helps in high-speed transfer of graphics rich data, which helps the output to get displayed with minimal delay at the terminal.
  • Affordable and Inexpensive Endpoint Device: Diana is a simple plug-and-play device with no CPU, memory or processor requirements of its own. Minimum hardware to initiate conversation with the host means less cost. With SUNDE’s VDI solution, everything comes in a single package. SUNDE-VDI protocol for data transfer and included back-end software rules out any licensing requirements. Customers need not pay anything for third-party offerings on desktop virtualization.
  • Virtualization Adoption Accelerated: Organizations of either new in virtualization or those who has already deployed virtual infrstructure, can adapt the vPoint VDI system, since Diana is compatible to run on any virtualization platform
  • EndPoint Maintenance Free: DIana is a simple stateless and zero-maintenance device clubbed with high-security.
  • USB Peripherals Support: Diana supports a wide range of USB peripherals which never require any specialized client drivers for their operation. The native Windows driver proves sufficient..
  • Wireless Connectivity: Options for wireless connectivity – available for Diana WIFI models.

Major user: บจก นิธิเกษม เทเลคอม; โรงพยาบาลพะเยา ฯ


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